Brand new in Chiang Mai, ‘Taladin Market’ is a unique delicatessen store, and online food shop.

We offer a very fine selection of the best Artisan-made, high quality and organic food products.

‘Taladin Market’ was created by Sathita & Brice Renaud, owners of Baan a Din Restaurant and the Dofann cheese company.

Our experience in the food and beverage industry has allowed us to establish a unique and exclusive relationship with a network of trusted suppliers.


  •  We benefit from a local distribution network, which enables us to offer a quick and efficient delivery service, to guarantee optimum freshness of Taladin Market products.

  • The labeling of our products with the word ‘Organic’ means that they are guaranteed to be organic, and the certification organisation is clearly specified on all those products.

  • Unlike supermarket chains, ‘Taladin Market’ is aiming to offer fair prices to both their suppliers, and their customers, by condensing orders, thereby reducing logistic costs, and preserving more of the profits for the local artisan, with fair payment conditions.


about us brice sathita renaud baan a din restaurant
about us brice sathita renaud baan a din restaurant