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Bottled & Canned food

Little Spoon Handmade Gift Boxes


Dried Organic Aromatic Herbs



Bottled & Canned food

Olitalia Pomace Olive Oil (750ml)



Dofann Cheese

Dofann Cheese

100% Raw Milk (Lait cru) / French Artisan / FDA Certified / Hand Made In Chiangmai.

Uraiwan Organic Farm

Uraiwan Organic Farm

  • Uraiwan Organics Farm produces high quality organic fruits, veggies, herbs and seeds. All of our produce are certified by ACT/IFOAM, North America Organic Program – Canada and CE (European Community). The Farm is located in Chiang Mai Province, 50 km North of Chiang Mai, just above 500m.
  • Fresh produce are offered around the year following the seasonality of the product. All produce are grown and transformed by ourselves in full respect of sustainable development.
  • With very few exceptions we only use organic seeds imported from Switzerland which we use to grow our produce or to produce our own seeds. Whether fresh or dried all of our produce follow the course of Nature. Grown organically, naturally without any additives or preservatives. Nature in your plate..
Sunisa's Coffe

Sunisa’s Coffe

  • Sunisa’s coffee is offering 9 different roasting’s, to satisfy every taste !We think food tastes even better when you also love the way it’s grown. Our Responsibly Grown rating system was created with growers, farmers and agriculture experts to rate our coffee beans on sustainable farming practices..
  • We are members of IFOAM since 2015.

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